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Cleaner Greener Article for Walker County Press posted 6/17/2019

The City of Huntsville is continued its Cleaner and Greener initiative by providing local dumpsters June 3-8 to improve city appearance.

Residents were able to dispose of household trash or cumbersome items at no cost in large dumpsters located in each ward. The dumpsters were be placed Monday through Saturday and were emptied daily or as often as needed according to Kimberly Kembro, Assistant Public Works Director for Huntsville.

“In the beginning we didn’t have much participation but each quarter it has progressed. I think it will grow,” said Kembro. “It is no cost to the citizens and by taking them and putting them in the neighborhoods they are more apt to use them.”

The city council determined that holding a quarterly cleanup was an efficient way for residents to address trash and unwanted items during their strategic planning in 2018.

“A lot of times people don’t have a way to get these heavy items all the way to the transfer station but being in the community it may be easier to bring them down the road. Maybe not everybody has a truck and trailer,” said Kembro.

Locations included, Ward 1 — jury overflow parking at the corner of Avenue M & 12th Street; Ward 2 — Josey Park, 2250 Sam Houston Avenue; Ward 3 — Emancipation Park, 406 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive; and Ward 4 — Broadmoor Drive cul-de-sac in the 200 block near Brookhollow Drive.

“I think it helps because a clean town benefits everyone, and I think it promotes community pride and spirit,” said Kimbro. “Hopefully by people bringing their trash to this no-cost event it will spark the interest of our residents to dispose of items they may not have gotten rid of.”

Kimbro has worked for the city for 15 years starting as an environmental chemist doing water and waste-water testing.

“My love is for water, for a cleaner environment and cleaner water. Now it’s about keeping it all clean,” explained Kembro. “I think the greener part is without trash on the ground we are promoting a greener community, and maybe if you are out on a walk or something like that and you know there is a dumpster on the way you can pick up trash along the way.”

The Transfer Station is located at 590 Interstate 45 North. For more information or to ask about disposing of any liquid or flammable materials, call 936-294-5712.

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