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Security Finance Ribbon Cutting (WCP) 7/29/2019

Security Finance held a Ribbon Cutting with the Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce on July 22, 2019. Security Finance formerly operated under the Sunbelt Credit brand at this same location in downtown Huntsville for over a decade. Sunbelt Credit is part of the Security Finance network of brands.

Saundra Farrar is one of the managers of the Huntsville Sunbelt Location. “We are here for the community,” Farrar said. “We are customer service oriented and want to get them in and out the door as quickly as possible.”

Joining Saundra Farrar and Assistant Manager Laura Hill at the ribbon cutting were Huntsville-Walker Counter Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ray Hernandez, Chairman Trey Wharton, and Office Manager Shannon Higbie.

The ribbon cutting was a way of announcing that this is not a new company and that the friendly service people have always experienced would still be here under a different name. Farrar said, “We are a small loan business and we help people do their taxes. We service the whole community, even those who may not have the best credit, but still need help.”

Most of Security Finance’s clients have good credit according to Farrar but it is just easier to come there because they can get them in and out the door in 15 minutes where a bank might take two or there days.

Farrar also said, “We don’t do collateral loans; it is credit based. We run a credit report and we have a short application that takes about ten minutes to fill out. We do taxes as well; we are here to do anybody’s taxes.”

Security Finance is located at 1206 Sam Houston Avenue and their website is

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